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Weekly Club Lotto The following terms and conditions apply Minimum jackpot guaranteed at €1000 with €200 added each week not won. Match 4 out of numbers 1 to 30 inclusive to win or share the jackpot. If no winner match any 3 numbers inclusive of 1 to 30 to win or share €200 If no jackpot winner and no 3 numbers match a lucky dip will be made for 4 tickets to share the €200 1) The draw takes place in the Palmerstown House Every Sunday night at 10.00pm. 2) All Prizes must be claimed within 21 days. 3) The organising committee reserve the right to regulate the amount of prize money. 4) The organising committee shall not be responsible for lost and stolen tickets. 5) All entries must be in the draw before 9.50pm on the night of the draw. 6) Improperly marked tickets will be deemed void by the committee. 7) The committee decision is binding. 8) It is the responsibility of sellers to return all tickets. 9) Tickets not punched after being returned is deemed void. 10) The committee may add or amend the rules here-in from time to time they deem necessary for the proper running of the draw. 11) Jackpot winnings will not be paid until three days after the draw. 12) Only one prize per draw may be won or shared in respect of any one ticket 13) The seller of the winning lotto ticket receives €100. 14) Lotto numbers will not be accepted over the phone by any of the Lotto team members. Bonus Jackpot A. Jackpot capped at €10,000 B. If jackpot not won at €10,000 it will remain at €10,000 until won. C. 3 numbers prize does not apply to the bonus jackpot D. After the first week of a jackpot of €10,000 not won a second draw will commence at €1000 under normal rules. E. The one ticket will be entered into the 2 draws F. The first draw held will be for the Bonus jackpot of €10,000 while the second draw, will be for the normal jackpot. Executive Committee 22nd July 2012
St. Patrick’s G.A.A. Club LOTTO RESULTS Sunday  17 / 02/  20123    1st Draw      09 10 19 20            Jackpot € 10,000 Winner  : No WINNER Seller € 100: N/A 2nd Draw       10 16 20 23                      Jackpot € 6,600 Winner: Niamh Burke          Seller € 100: Barry Burke    Any 3 Numbers:    NEXT SUNDAY:  24/02/13      1st Draw Jackpot: € 10,000   2nd Draw Jackpot:€ 1000 DRAW HELD EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT IN THE PALMERSTOWN HOUSE AT 10.00 pm.Thank You for Your Support.

ST Patricks GAA

Hurling, Football & Camogie Club Glenaulin Park Palmerstown